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Advisory Board
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Haixiang Zhou, Professor, Environmental Studies, Shenyang Technology University; President, Liaoning Province Environmental Volunteer Association

Haixiang Zhou is the President of the Liaoning Province Environmental Association. In 2007, Mr. Zhou was named as one of China’s Top 10 Environmentalists by the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and National People's Congress, and in 2006 he was the recipient of Ford Motor Company China’s prestigious “Ford Environmental Award” for leadership in environmental technology. Mr. Zhou also serves on the faculty of Environmental Studies at Shenyang Technology University.

Liu Tieshung, Former Director, Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau

Mr. Tieshung is the former Director of the Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau. The city of Shenyang covers approximately 13,000 square Kilometers and has over 7.7 million residents. Shenyang is recognized across China as a model city for environmental protection.

Dr. Harald (Harry) Kohlmann, Managing Partner, Park Street Advisors, LLC

Dr. Kohlmann is the Managing Partner of Park Street Advisors. Formerly, Dr. Kohlmann was a principal at McKinsey & Company. Dr. Kohlmann holds an MBA and PhD in Economics from the University of Cologne (Germany).

Michael Furst, Former Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce PRC

Mr. Furst is the former Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce PRC. Prior to the American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Furst was a professor of business and economics at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies and a professor and dean at the Beijing International MBA Programs at Peking University's China Center for Economic Research.

John Cook, Vice President, Eastern US Region, The Nature Conservancy

Mr. Cook has been with the Nature Conservancy for over 27 years. As Vice President of the Eastern US Region, Mr. Cook oversees the Conservancy’s operations across 14 states. Mr. Cook holds a BS from Colgate University and an MSE from Cornell University.

Milin He, Former Chairman & CEO, Liaoning LITIC Enterprise Development Company

Mr. He is the former Chairman & CEO of Liaoning LITIC Enterprise Development Company. Previously, Mr. He served as President of the Investment Department of Liaoning International Trust & Investment Company. Mr. He holds a BS in Industrial Design from Beijing Institute of Technology.